Heavy-duty Conveyor Roller Series 3600

Driven unit handling conveying of heavy materials, such as transport of cardboards, containers, barrels, wheels, pallets or steel containers. Variants with toothed belt drive head are often used when zero maintenance is very important. Compared to a chain, the toothed belt does not have to be greased and, for this reason, is often used in the furniture industry.

Numerous drive types are available. The rollers can optionally be driven via chain or toothed belt from roller to roller. It is also possible to use a tangential chain drive.

The use of fiberglass-reinforced, viscoplastic polyamide drive heads results in very quiet running.

The tube ends are rounded, thereby allowing materials to be easily moved on from the side. Axial forces are removed through ball bearings and seals.

The form-fit connection with notches at the tube ends ensures a radial and axial fixation of the drive heads. To achieve an axial fixation of bearing housing, ball bearing and seal against escaping, the bearing housing is not only pressed into the tube, but also flanged.

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